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Various Facility Projects include:

• Closure of an abandoned 50,000 barrel brine pond. Very rigid environmental closure parameters from the State of Louisiana had to be followed.

• Dredging of marine terminals at a slip on the Calcasieu River, Louisiana and on the banks of the Sabine River, Texas. Close coordination with the Corps of Engineers and the Natural Resource Conservation Departments in Texas and Louisiana was crucial to the success of these projects.

• Conversion/adaptation of a ship terminal to handle the loading of isobutane onto dual barges simultaneously. Major modifications to bresting dolphins and a loading arm was part of the scope.

• Receipt, storage, and truck loading of raw product (HVL) from a process plant and truck unloading into existing storage, then injection into an existing pipeline.

• Re-activation of an existing dock on the Mermentau River in Louisiana including modifications/enhancements to load LPG barges. This project included five (5) 90,000 gallon bullets for storage of the LPG.

• A grass roots marine terminal in Texas for receiving, storing and loading dual crude/condensate barges at 5,000 BPH simultaneously. Meeting US Coast Guard requirements for vapor handling technologies and the TNRCC for emissions was critical.

• Routing, engineering, design and construction of marsh, multi-layer, board/gravel roads to grass roots facilities.

• Truck unloading of crude/condensate including storage tanks, measurement through LACT units, booster pump station and utilization of old and new pipelines to an island in South Louisiana for loading onto barges.

• Expansion of an existing 700,000 barrel brine pond to 2,100,000 barrels to support an existing underground LPG storage facility. A three (3) part containment system was used including a clay liner, a slurry wall, and an HDPE liner within the slurry wall.

• A multi-product LPG dual manifold system to receive and distribute ethane, propane, isobutane, and normal butane from Citgo Petroleum to Warren Petroleum.

• A grass roots raw product storage and barge loading facility at Morgan City, Louisiana. This project included over fifty (50) 90,000 gallon LPG bullets and a new dock facility.

• A comprehensive study for a sixteen (16) well underground salt-dome storage facility including fresh water systems, brine systems, LPG pumps and associated facilities.

• Preliminary engineering, conceptual design, and estimating for the expansion of a gas and condensate facility in Texas City, Texas. This facility expansion included slug catchers, condensate stabilization, storage tanks, gas compression and pipeline facilities.

• Preliminary engineering, field as-builts, surveying, design and consulting to support EPFS with the detail assessment and estimating of sweet & sour gas compression, pipelines and 23 measurement facilities, near Kermit, West Texas.