Corporate Safety Statement

PESI is deeply concerned for the safety and health of its employees, its clients’ personnel and the public. The company is committed to a policy for all employees to work in a safe environment, to follow safe practices, to use tools, equipment and vehicles in good working condition and to wear and use all prescribed safety equipment.
No job is so urgent that one should take short cuts or follow unsafe practices or work in conditions that expose PESI employees or others to safety risks. Every effort should be made to eliminate the possibility of accidents and to comply with OSHA and all other Federal, State and local safety laws and applicable rules.
Each employee is responsible for learning and following safe practices and preventing unsafe conditions to go unaddressed. Employees should be alert around co-workers and call to their attention any unsafe practices or conditions. As a condition of one’s employment, PESI employees must work in a manner that promotes safety for oneself and those around.
Because of their concern for and commitment to safety, many of our clients conduct regular safety meetings, which PESI employees normally are required to attend. PESI fully endorses and supports our clients in this effort. We expect each employee to participate and want PESI employees to develop an awareness of which unsafe conditions to avoid and good safe practices to follow. We hope these safety meetings, along with candid daily discussions, will stimulate PESI employees to think about what one does and how to do it with safety in mind.