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Pump and Compressor Station Projects:

• A multipurpose pump station with dual pumps, manifolded to pump any double combination of natural gasoline, liquid ethane and propane with each pump providing 100% redundancy to the other.

• Receive propane from DuPont through a grass roots meter station at the receiving end and a booster pump station for injection into an existing LPG pipeline on the other end.

• Conduct numerous studies for the complete turnkey costs of adding booster pump stations to existing mainlines with the objective to increase throughput.

• A pipeline booster station to increase the pressure from an existing isobutane pipeline into a delivery pipeline then to underground storage.

• Complete construction management and QA/QC inspection of a grass roots raw product pump station including access road, control building, and a single horizontal split-case electric driven pumping unit.

• Assess the optimum means of transporting raw product from a refinery through an existing 16” pipeline into a fractionator for processing. This project involved the conceptual design and cost estimating of a pump station as well as converting the service of the existing 16” line from natural gas to liquids.

• Assignment of a team of designers to completely as-built existing LPG pump and measurement facilities including field data gathering, surveying and drafting.

• Complete detail engineering, design, and construction management of a 1200 HP ethane compressor which was installed in a sixty thousand BPD fractionation plant in Sulphur, LA.

• Conceptual design, sizing of all equipment, preparation of P & ID’s, preliminary plot plan and detail cost estimates for a 1,000 HP gas compressor station in west Texas.

• Engineering and design of an ethane pump station to boost liquid ethane from
one pipeline system to another in south Louisiana. The scope of this project
included all I & E and SCADA and communication work.