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PESI Pipeline Projects have been catagorized as follows:

Cross Country Pipeline
Feasibility Studies
Pipeline Integrity
Turnkey Projects

  Cross Country Pipeline  

• Numerous horizontal directional drilled (HDD) crossings of rivers, bayous, creeks, canals, highways, railroads, and foreign pipelines.

• A 24” natural gas pipeline to connect two existing gas pipelines in South Louisiana

• 62.0 miles of 8” pipeline from a plant in McNary, Louisiana to a pipeline connection at Iowa, Louisiana.

• Dual parallel 10” pipelines from Hackberry to Sulphur, Louisiana, a distance of 15.5 miles of which 40% is marsh/wetland.

• A brine disposal system consisting of a brine gathering piping lateral, an internally coated brine disposal pipeline and a new brine disposal well.

• Route selection, surveying, engineering, design, mapping, permitting, selection of materials and full QA/QC inspection for the installation of a 10” ethane line from a Citgo plant to a tie-in point on a Trident NGL, Inc. pipeline.

• Seven (7) pipelines into and out of a fractionation facility each handling a segregated product. One (1) line was an ethane gas line involving multiple pipeline crossings and over two thousand (2,000) feet of process plant rack piping.

• 5.0 miles of 12” pipeline which included 1.5 miles of marsh and a 3,100 foot HDD river crossing.

• A 4” acid gas pipeline system which included dehydration facilities and compression. Several trade-off options were analyzed including stainless steel pipe metallurgy versus a conventional carbon steel system.

• Project management, detail engineering, design and field inspection for a multiple LPG pipeline interconnection between two (2) pipeline operating companies in Sulphur, Louisiana.

• Complete responsibility for preliminary surveying and mapping of 116 mile natural gas pipeline in California to the Mexican border. This project involved use of GPS survey equipment and aerial mapping of the entire route for EMS (AEP).

• DOT Location Class survey, detail engineering, design, as-builts, job data books and consulting services for two (2) 16” gas pipelines feeding a grass roots power plant in Seguin, TX.

• Detail engineering, design, coordination of all permitting and ROW activities associated with the relocation of seven (7) pipelines across the USCOE Maryland Levee system. Work includes continuous coordination of USCOE’s pile driving contractor work, construction inspection and as-built services.

• Complete engineering, design, mapping, inspection, as-built and consulting services for a 24” natural gas pipeline to FPLE’s grass roots power plant. Scope includes manifold tie-ins, complete smart pigging facilities and several Horizontal Directional Drills.

• Complete detail engineering, design, and mapping of a horizontal directional
drill 8” pipeline crossing of Calcasieu River, Louisiana. Scope included detail
engineering, preparation of construction, bid packages, consulting services,
and as-builts.

• Detail engineering, design and mapping for the relocation/rerouting of 18”
and 12” natural gas pipelines in Clear Lake, Texas. Scope included, surveying,
permitting, detail engineering and design and included a HDD crossing and pigging facilities.

• Detail engineering and design of mainline valve stations and pigging facilities on each end of a 17-mile 20” natural gas pipeline for Hill Lake Gas Storage Project, Cisco, Texas, Our scope also included complete as-built of the pipeline, job books and the DOT Location Class surveys.

• Detail engineering and design for the replacement of a 16” brine collection and distribution pipeline system. The entire project was located in the marsh and included tie-ins to 9 LPG storage wells.

  Feasibility Studies

• Extensive liquid hydraulic analyses and cost estimates to optimize existing LPG gathering/transmission systems including line sizing, loop lines and pump stations

• Study various options to clean and remove pipeline river crossings (required by The Corps of Engineers) which had been installed in the conventional cut-and-cover method.

• Conducted cross country pipeline feasibility studies involving field routing, pipeline hydraulics, conceptual design, detail cost estimates and reports for the following:

- 25.0 miles of ethane/propane and natural gasoline dual pipelines from gas plants to petrochemical facilities
- 135.0 miles of 10” pipeline to handle raw product from a gas plant to a fractionator
- 23.0 miles of looped 8” pipeline to handle raw product from a Tenneco gas separation facility
- 103.0 miles of multi-product, bi-directional 12” pipeline from underground storage to a petrochemical plant
- 98.0 miles of product pipelines from underground storage to underground storage
- 22.0 miles of 8” and 10” pipelines from a Duke Energy gas plant to a tie-in point on an existing Warren Petroleum line
- 55.0 miles of 12” pipeline from a natural gas processing plant to a
pipeline connection

• Detail analysis and cost estimating of various options to submerge
and backfill dual 4” and 6” pipelines crossing Federal wetlands.
Several site visits were conducted with the Corps of Engineers, state
agencies, and contractors.

• Conceptual design, preliminary routing, preparation of preliminary alignment sheets and cost estimating for a sixty mile crude C4 (LPG) pipeline system in south Texas. This project included assessment of ROW acquisition issues, environmental permits, and field routing of the pipeline

• Detail hydraulic analysis and pipeline studies for a 500 km crude oil pipeline in Ecuador, South America.

• Design Basis Manuals
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  Pipeline Integrity

• Modifications/enhancements to 23.0 miles of 6” pipeline, where 98% of this existing line is in the marsh/wetlands. Complete pre-test and a DOT hydrotest was included in the scope

• Development and implementation of a comprehensive five (5) year rehabilitation program for a 105.0 mile 12” by-directional pipeline. The scope of this project involved replacing numerous sensitive pipeline segments, installing aboveground mainline block valves, new scraper traps, and running of geometry and smart pigs.

• Rehabilitation and upgrade of an existing 4” pipeline from DuPont, Orange, Texas to NGC in Cameron, Louisiana. This project included replacement of several sections of 4” pipeline, relocation of mainline block valves, and a complete DOT hydrostatic test.

• Detail analysis and cost estimating of various options to submerge
and backfill dual 4” and 6” pipelines crossing Federal wetlands.
Several site visits were conducted with the Corps of Engineers, state
agencies, and contractors.

• Development of Pipeline Integrity Assessment Plans for all PNG’s pipelines to comply with TRRC Regulations. Work includes due diligence assessment of all pipeline records, field investigations, preparation of maps and risk indexing of all segments of each pipeline affecting “highly sensitive areas”.

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  Turnkey Projects

• A lump-sum turnkey project for a 6” pipeline in a very congested industrial area to a custody meter station on the delivery end.

• Complete lump sum turnkey project including surveying, permitting, engineering, design procurement and construction for the removal of an abandoned 8” pipeline and the relocation of a 20” crude oil pipeline in Sulphur, Louisiana

• Lump sum turnkey project to connect a new natural gas well to an
existing pipeline system. This project involved detail engineering,
design, procurement and construction of measurement facilities
and gathering pipeline.

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