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We are pleased to present this brief introduction to Pipeline Engineering Solutions, Inc. (PESI).
PESI was formed to provide customers a highly technical, experienced engineering and design staff teamed with strong project and construction management personnel, to effectively lead and execute pipeline ventures.  PESI also possesses the expertise in-house to specify and manage all aspects of pipeline integrity programs from “fitness for purpose” analysis to smart pig selection through excavation and evaluation of pipeline anomalies.  PESI’s principals have been intimately involved in pipeline integrity assessment, pipeline rehabilitation, smart pigging, and related compliance activities since 1988.

PESI offers customers a single source of expertise from the initial selection and development of a venture through surveying, detail design, overall management and startup of projects.  At PESI we consider our most important tasks are first: to properly identify the needs of our clients, second: to formulate the most resourceful, competent and competitive team, third: to execute projects efficiently with unmatched technical know-how, and finally to evaluate our efforts from our customer’s perspective.

We continue to seek out the best and most technically compatible resources from our own staff and from local companies when we accept the responsibility for project development and implementation.  This combination of technology, creativity and business know-how usually translates into a success story.

We look forward to responding to any of your needs and assisting you in any way during the promotion, development, implementation, execution and completion of your next pipeline venture.

With Our Kindest Regards,
Pipeline Engineering Solutions, Inc.